On an August day in 1980 a college freshman at the University of Arkansas walked into an electrical engineering class.  Sixty minutes later he walked out and promptly decided to become an Agricultural Engineer.

That college freshman was Miguel Purdy, one of our senior mechanical engineers here at HFA. To all who know him, it is known that Miguel has a voice that carries. It’s a voice that rang out across radio airwaves for seven years, carries daily across our Bentonville offices, and has carried him far across the world of mechanical engineering.

Miguel presently brings over 30 years of experience to HFA with work spanning from food processing plants to mechanical refrigeration projects to culinary innovation spaces. He spent 25 of those years as an engineering consultant by helping clients determine their needs in the most cost effective and efficient manner. He was also given countless opportunities to learn about the different needs facilities have such as HVAC, refrigeration, plumbing, etc. and has spent the rest applying his accumulated academic and life knowledge to mechanical systems, schematic designs, and his officemates. Miguel, who will tell you he works on the “cooler side of engineering,” aids HFA in leading several of its commercial projects as well as industrial projects which are coming to our firm more and more frequently.

By no means second to his professional successes, Miguel is also well established in his personal life. He’s family famous for his ‘Arkansas Sin’ dip, has managed to keep his wife, Kim, around since 1981, and is a proud grandfather to 2-year-old Milo.

Looking back on the narrative of his life, it’s quite easy to see why Miguel is known as “a voice that carries.” It’s because people want to listen.

Miguel Purdy, P.E., NCEES, can be contacted at 479-644-6711.