Sir Isaac Newton’s first law of motion says objects in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

HFA put fuel design into motion in the late 90’s and it’s been in motion ever since. Today, it’s grown into a design and permitting team that includes over 60 years of combined experience that has designed thousands of fuel and oil system projects.

“Our experience gives us the ability to design for all situations. The industry is constantly evolving, you know, the regulations, the equipment, and customer’s desires.” This statement comes from Branson Hall, HFA’s fueling program manager, and is seconded by Heath Eklund, a project coordinator.

The fueling team is a niche, filled with hands-on mechanically driven men and women who find creative, innovative solutions on a daily basis.

Within the last decade they have created a bio diesel mixing system to keep fuel circulating in cold weather, developed charging stations for electric vehicles, and have brought both CNG and ethanol fuel stations to life. They have also developed fuel and oil system prototypes for several of the top convenience and fueling stores across the nation such as Loves, Walmart, 7-Eleven, and Kum & Go.

At HFA it is their mission to provide excellent design and client experience while being environmentally friendly and adaptable. Environmental permitting is a major benefit to both clients and our planet, while adaptability is crucial because the team has to comply with all states’ rules and regulations as they are licensed to work from coast to coast.

The fueling team began with a simple goal to complete that first project without a hitch and get their hands into a rising discipline. They were successful.

Their goal today? To continue to provide high quality service for high quality clients and keep the creative solutions in motion.

Branson Hall can be contacted at 479-381-7521 or at In addition to design, HFA offers both local and state permitting services for all types of fuel and oil system installations.