HFA, a Bentonville based A/E design firm with a national reach was awarded LEED-CI Gold Certification on, December 17, 2014.

HFA took a former National Home Center building of 45,000 square feet and transformed the retail big-box space into an office of tomorrow. It’s a successful adaptive re-use. The office features an open layout for a collaborative work environment and new south exterior windows provide natural light into the studio space.

Some key points:

  • The space was designed using energy-efficient lighting and HVAC, water efficient fixtures and landscaping, as well as eco-friendly materials and furnishings.
  • The design team excelled in the Innovation In Design Category including Exemplary Performance Credits.
  • Careful equipment and appliance selection eared a few extra points.
  • HFA diverted 83% of our construction waste by separating and recycling or reusing on site.
  • Although the addition of the south exterior windows achieved 1 point in the certification process, the daylight and views it provides to an adjacent park are worth much more than that to employees. It’s created a great work environment.

    Larry Lott, President & COO stated, “It has been a long road from the first day that we established one of our major design goals for our new office was to not only have an attractive office, but to seek LEED Silver as well. It was fantastic to hear that we not only achieved our original goal of Silver (which requires 50 points) but exceeded it with the approval of 65 points which put it over the required 60 points for LEED-CI (commercial interiors) Gold. It’s a credit to our staff’s abilities to fully utilize their sustainable design creativity and expertise resulting in a meaningful office environment for us to enjoy each day.”

    HFA would like to thank all of our staff who contributed to the successful design for our winning project (from design, to construction, to operation, to applying for LEED certification); and also thank the contractors and product vendors on the project for contributing and exceeding their LEED requirements as well.