Q: Describe HFA’s technical program in one word?

A: Tech-Centric.



  1. On the cutting edge of technology

This answer comes from HFA’s I.T. Visualization Specialist, Cody Fields.

He says, “HFA prides itself on never becoming stagnant.  In the A/E industry it’s easy to stick with programs your firm is comfortable with, but HFA has found by pushing the envelope, especially in the world of technology, it can serve its clients at a whole new level. HFA is bringing in Virtual Reality (VR) as the design tool of today.”

Offering VR as service fills the missing link clients often run into as they can now be more involved in the design process.  Next level visualization creates a fully immersive experience, so we can leave the “Flat Stanley” world of AUTO-CAD (2-D) and step into the world of Revit (3-D). HFA has found when clients can visualize their projects in real time, it leads to high design efficiency and has a positive impact on budgets.

This opportunity for flexibility and fluidity in renderings comes not only through Cody’s design skill but also by using ‘Enscape’, a plug-in that diversifies the possibilities for project visualization. Cody believes that using this tool gives HFA an even stronger ability to benefit our clients and our A/E designers across the board.

“Seeing your model in a 3-D environment, being able to walk through your space, leads to a more efficient and an overall better design,” Cody adds.

So, there you have it. Virtual Reality is at HFA and is walking you pixel by pixel through your projects.

Cody Fields can be contacted at 479-273-7780 ext. 132.