Ledger Showroom

Ledger Showroom
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Bentonville, AR
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Part of a much larger office space that is still under construction, the Ledger Showroom project was unique in that it has provided our team with a place to test out designs, textiles, furnishings, and other functionalities that will one day be used in the larger Ledger Building. This space is made even more unique because of its intended use as a bikeable, high-density coworking space, so our team had to be very creative and incorporate wall hooks for accessible, yet aesthetically pleasing bike storage, allowing people to bike to and from work. Our team even worked to incorporate elements like phone booths in the showroom for a sense of privacy within the open plan coworking space. By test fitting furnishings and design elements while the space is being used allows our team to make real-time changes and further informs the overall design of the larger building, slated to open in mid-2022.

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