Design spaces where wellness thrives.

Drawing on our expertise in healthcare design, we craft nurturing environments that merge innovation and functionality. From hospitals to clinics, our spaces elevate patient experiences and medical excellence.

Fully Integrated A+E

Bring your whole design team together.

We unite your multi-discipline team of architects, engineers, permitters, and project delivery professionals, so you can:
Maximize coordination across disciplines
Streamline communications and gather feedback earlier
Create higher quality documents that can be delivered sooner
Gather feedback earlier with the help of early design packages, visualizations, and renderings
Our Projects

Spaces to heal communities.

Innovative designs fostering healing and advanced medical care environments.
Clinics & Offices
Efficient spaces blending comfort and functionality for healthcare professionals.
Ambulatory Care
Streamlined facilities enhancing outpatient services with patient-centric design.
Urgent Care
Swift and accessible spaces supporting urgent medical attention and care.
Buildable Design

A Better Way to Build

Buildable design shifts the focus from purely design-oriented considerations to a more integrated and practical approach that encompasses both design and construction aspects.

It seeks to bridge the gap between design and construction disciplines, resulting in improved project outcomes, reduced risks, and enhanced collaboration among all project stakeholders.
Data Integration

Enhanced Support for Operational Management

Streamline Construction
Data Integration enables the visualization and coordination of buildable elements, helping to identify clashes or conflicts early in the design process and facilitating smoother construction.
Optimize Resources
In resource management, advanced integration allows for simulations and visualizations of different space configurations and workflows, aiding in decision-making and optimizing space utilization for improved efficiency.
Manage Assets
The data models contain comprehensive information about the building's systems, equipment, and infrastructure that operational teams can use for asset management, maintenance planning, and scheduling. It helps track the lifecycle of assets, manage maintenance activities, and optimize resource allocation.
Boost Sustainability
Energy analysis tools integrated with BIM can simulate and analyze energy consumption patterns, identify areas of inefficiency, and suggest energy-saving measures.

Our Integrated Healthcare Services

Our multi-discipline team of architects, engineers, and project delivery professionals come together to maximize your project and let you focus on program effectiveness. Some of our integrated services include:
Emergent Care
Surgical Services
Imaging + Diagnostics
Critical Care
Ambulatory Care
Academic Care
Children's Health
Elder Care / Seniors
Leadership Story

Meet our Healthcare Team

Combining the experience gained from leading two separate healthcare-focused design firms for more than two decades, we aim to lead HFA’s Healthcare Design team into a prosperous future. We plan to challenge the status quo and leverage innovation to provide our client partners with innovative and thoughtful solutions every time.

Bringing comfort and functionality to the forefront.

HFA can help you create nurturing environments that blend technology and innovation—schedule a discovery session to learn more.